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Illuminating Truth.

Professional Counselor. Author. Speaker. 


Uncover Truth. Find Healing. Celebrate Freedom.

Desire for authenticity is at the core of who we are and our innermost longings – it’s the way of humanity. The world is full of distractions, fantasies, and quick fixes. Andrea creates an astounding place where emotional and spiritual truths are fearlessly understood and expressed. 

With a refreshing burst of intuitive wisdom, Andrea reveals the lies we believe that block us from an honest connection to the truth. She helps us release the unconscious defenses we use so that we break down barriers preventing us from having a meaningful life. 

With a privilege of more than a decade of clinical experience, being with the precious souls of her clients, drawing a distinction between pain and suffering – Andrea blends a profound depth and compassion with illuminating storytelling and psychological and theological expertise. 


Discover the freedom that awaits you as you learn to embrace the truth of who you are, who others are, and who God is.



Something seems off, yet you can’t quite put your finger on it. You’re stuck.

“I walk in relationship with my clients, and we discover the emotions that reside in the depths of the human heart. We arise in the illuminating of truth – letting go of the lies we believe that block us from experiencing healing.” 


The Experience

Andrea takes you on a journey within that is relational, personal and intimate.  


It involves stripping away the barriers and reconnecting to the truth deep inside.

Not simply a truth to be comprehended intellectually but one that is experienced and embodied by our entire being (body, soul, spirit). The experience is transformative, enduring and leads to deeper levels of intimacy and fulfillment.

Are you ready to take the first step?

“Together we will explore false narratives, eradicate fear that has governed your life, and process unresolved pain – so you can experience authentic relationships in the deepest way possible.”

- Andrea Anderson Polk

Meet Andrea

A respected professional counselor, author and keynote speaker, Andrea Anderson Polk leverages more than a decade of clinical experience, illuminating storytelling, and deep compassion to help people uncover truths, break free of harmful behavior and unhealthy relationships, and celebrate a newfound freedom. 


She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Nationally Board Certified and has served as president and vice president of the Northern Virginia Licensed Professional Counselors. She is a registered supervisor for the Virginia Board of Counseling, where she works with counseling candidates pursuing their professional licenses. Additionally, Andrea holds a ministerial diploma and has a deep understanding of theology. 



Andrea's Latest

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The key is focusing on what you treasure. In pursuing and embracing those things you will find your purpose and calling while avoiding shame and suffering.

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