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Breakthrough Therapy Intensive

Do You Need a Breakthrough?

Short Term Treatment for Long Term Impact

Breakthrough Therapy Intensives are an elegant, profoundly transformative experience designed for women needing a laser-focused and accelerated approach to healing. The goal of the Intensive is to provide you with freedom that you are unable to obtain despite your best efforts and/or the counsel you have received.

Andrea specializes in helping people experience breakthrough. She is an expert in taking an active, direct approach to help people resolve longstanding issues, or when other therapists have failed and multiple therapy sessions have proven ineffective, or when churches and faith-based communities are unable to help.

Breakthrough Therapy Intensive appointments can help if you…

  • Feel stuck and are unable to move forward in a specific area.

  • Have tried everything and continue to remain in a continuous cycle of suffering.

  • Are currently in counseling but need to touch base and dig deeper to continue your growth.

  • Need a fresh perspective and renewed motivation around work you have been doing.

  • Are a pastor, ministry leader, or counselor and you need a safe, confidential space to explore your own struggles.

Breakthrough Therapy Intensive appointments can help you get unstuck and move forward, give you a fresh perspective and approach around an issue you are struggling with, help you continue to dig deeper in your ongoing counseling journey, or give you a focused intensive space to immerse yourself into vital, healing work that you need to do and critical decisions that you need to make.

By the end of your Breakthrough Therapy Intensive, you will discover hidden psychological and spiritual truths that have been blocking your from experiencing the freedom you have been needing. You will receive specific direction to take back into your own community of care or counsel to walk out successfully.

How the Intensive is Structured


Breakthrough Therapy Intensives can be a one-time session as well as scheduled consecutively each week for a month or bi-weekly for two months. Andrea also schedules half-day and two day intensives. Intensive hours vary depending on client’s treatment goals and financial budget.

Clients receive 2 hours, 120 minutes (2.5 therapy appointments) of therapy each session with Andrea tailored specifically to your individual needs.

Cost: The fee for each Breakthrough Therapy Intensive session is $550.

In-person Intensives are ideal for women coming from out of town. Telehealth sessions are available for those living in Virginia.

Intensives are a one-on-one private and custom tailored experience that target your hidden fears, expose the lies you believe, and help you face your deepest truths of your life so that you are healed and live free.

Andrea will work with you confidentially and closely to co-create an intimate and profoundly effective path toward breakthrough.

Do I Qualify for a Breakthrough Intensive?

Intensives are ideal for individuals who are mature in their journey of personal growth and development or due to work they have done in some form of coaching, guidance, mentoring, or counseling.

If you are currently under the care of a therapist, licensed professional, or psychologist, a release of information allows me to collaborate with your treatment provider pre and post intensive. If you are not in therapy, Andrea will provide you with counselor referrals at the closure of your intensive that allow you to continue your journey of healing.

Intensives are NOT ideal for those who are currently in a crisis, experiencing trauma symptoms, or overwhelming emotions. Or, if you are currently dealing with an abusive situation and experiencing significant emotional disruption as a result. If this is you, it may not feel like it today, but you will eventually get to the place where this Intensive will be right for you. It is recommended that seek regular, on-going therapy by a professional counselor. The Intensives would be incredibly beneficial a little farther down the road.

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