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Whether speaking to intimate groups or large auditoriums, Andrea has a talent for quickly connecting deeply with people through her authenticity and vulnerability.

She carefully weaves together her own stories of redemptive healing with real-life, relatable examples from her many years’ counseling hundreds of clients.


A licensed counselor and author, Andrea has an uncanny ability to integrate the complexities of clinical psychotherapy, Christian spirituality, and science in a way that is practical and easy to understand, leaving her audience with a powerful and memorable experience.

Andrea specializes in educating and empowering industry leaders, faith communities, professionals, clergy, lay counselors and professional counselors. 

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“In a culture where relational intimacy is dwindling and superficiality is on the rise; instant gratification, information overload, and busyness are at the forefront and threaten our ability to relate to one another in love. I offer heart connectedness, authenticity, vulnerability, and wisdom for those who are yearning to go deeper and longing for more meaningful relationships and intimacy.”



Leveraging her years as a licensed counselor, her deep theological studies, and her real-life experiences, Andrea delivers powerful presentations to groups of every size. Topics include:

The Psychology

of Resilience

Through greater self-awareness, Andrea helps us move from fear, anxiety, and stress to purpose, passion and vision.

The Healing Power

of Emotion:

Where Scripture and Science Meet

Through the healing process of owning and feeling all our emotions, Andrea helps guide us into a life of wholeness and freedom.

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Turning Pain

into Purpose

Our greatest places of pain, when faced, become our greatest source of power. Andrea helps us do just that.

Other topics include, but not limited to:

  • Overcoming anxiety: How to avoid living in a constant state of negative expectation, fear, and stress

  • What do you really want? Being honest with yourself and God: Abiding in your heart’s desires

  • Spotting and decoding the master manipulators: Recognizing the symptoms and patterns of toxic people 

  • Understanding emotional and spiritual abuse: “Help, I feel CRAZY!”

  • The journey from single to spouse: Navigating the complex and confusing world of dating as a person of faith 

  • When and how to seek professional counseling: Identifying what makes a therapist a good therapist

  • The right kind of hard: Creating fulfilling relationships based in mutuality, healthy boundaries, and having a voice  


Leveraging her years as licensed counselor, her deep theological studies, and her real-life experiences, Andrea delivers powerful presentations to groups of every size. Topics include:









“I was completely blown away by your presentation. It just hit me right and so deeply. Thank you for sharing your personal techniques and the cases that support your therapy. I could hear what you have to say at least five more times!”

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