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You Host the Self-Inflicted Cuckoo

Hosting The Self-Inflicted Cuckoo likely means you are engaging in some form of toxic thinking and self-sabotaging behavior. Rather than hosting The Relationship Cuckoo with a person who continues to hurt you and take advantage of you –  it is your own behaviors and thinking patterns that are keeping you stuck. 


You’re likely dealing with a whole flock of Self-Inflicted Cuckoos – from perfectionism, addictions, analysis paralysis, work-a-holic tendencies, and comparisonitis. To seeking your worth and value from your accomplishments. Or, your passions have grown turned into obsessions that feel overwhelming and all-consuming. 


Your thought life primarily consists of endless rationalizing, reasoning, and ruminating. Perhaps you turn to coping mechanisms to help you cope with stress, insecurity, and anxiety such as: overeating, drinking, shopping, gossiping, online dating, and endless social media scrolling, to name a few.

Even though your life is full of activity, you feel empty.

Pleasing, perfecting, and performing have become your constant companions that steal your joy and rob your peace of mind. Your inner-most voice tells you something is missing, yet you can’t quite put your finger on it. You are unaware of how to take care of yourself, rest, and even have fun. You can begin to heal by recharging, recovering, and reprioritizing so you can live a more balanced, meaningful, and fulfilling life. 


Most of us are unaware that we are harming ourselves. You don’t realize, until now, the things that are holding you back or getting in your way isn’t what you thought it was – because it’s you! We have all been here. Understanding this cuckoo dynamic can help you not shame yourself for repeating these destructive behaviors over and over again. 


The good news is that it’s never too late to begin the process of letting go of old habits and patterns that are restricting you. Break the cycle of being your own worst enemy, banish overwhelm, overcome imposter syndrome, and embrace your weaknesses because they are just as important as your strengths. Take the time to get in touch with your innermost heart’s desires and dreams that have yet to come to fruition because your cuckoo is thwarting the way.

A final note from Andrea:


So, what does it all mean for you? And how can you use the results to overcome The Cuckoo Syndrome in your life?

Take hope in the fact that what we can name, we can heal. Now that you have identified your self-inflicted cuckoo, healing can begin!

Andrea's book, The Cuckoo Syndrome: The Secret to Breaking Free from Unhealthy Relationships, Toxic Thinking, and Self-sabotaging Behavior takes you on a deeply personal journey of self-discovery and healing.


Using the latest research combining science, scripture, and psychology – the book includes Andrea’s healing journey, stories of her clients, and detailed guidelines on how to deal with cuckoo dynamics within yourself or in relationships with your partner, family members, friends, or colleagues. Order the book Andrea’s clients call, “a life-changing breakthrough,” for yourself and the people you care about, today! 

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I'm Andrea Anderson Polk


Before we go any further, let me introduce myself... I’m a licensed professional counselor, author, and speaker-storyteller. I am devoted to working together to uncover hidden relational, psychological, and spiritual truths so you experience lasting transformation and freedom. 


I am here to help courageous, ambitious women of faith take their life back and live each day with peace and purpose.

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