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You Host the Relationship

Hosting The Relationship Cuckoo means you often find yourself carrying the emotional weight of the relationship, giving more than you are able, saying yes when you really mean no, and receiving little to no reciprocation. 


You continually feel hurt by this person and you chronically neglect yourself to please them and take care of them even though they are never satisfied and don’t give back to you in the same way.


You’ve adopted the roll of pleaser, rescuer, caretaker or always being available. Your relationship is monopolizing your time and consumes a lot of your energy. You leave conversations with this person feeling confused, manipulated, and deceived – even a bit crazy.  


Your voice is rarely heard, you needs are left unmet, and you feel misunderstood. You often feel ashamed and frustrated with yourself for not standing your ground and for agreeing with them when you don’t. You feel lonely within your relationship.

You are not alone in feeling lonely. 

You are a compassionate, empathetic, loving,
and caring person.

Deep down your gut is telling you something is not quite right within this relationship --whether it be a romantic partner, family member, colleague, or friend. While the thought of being in a healthy relationship with a person who mutually loves and cares for you seems too good to be true—you can’t help but wonder if it is possible. 


Perhaps it’s time to be honest with yourself and face your deepest fears. Don’t hesitate to take a step back and reevaluate your relationship – don’t get too caught up in the wants and needs of the cuckoo dynamic that you neglect yourself. Begin the journey of discovering who you are, what you need, and you want --without feeling guilty or selfish. 


The good news is: What you can name you can heal. And now that is has a name, you can learn how to take the steps to deal with The Relationship Cuckoo in your life. You deserve to be treated with the same respect, care, and thoughtful attention that you give to this person. It is never too late to begin the healing process. You can love others without losing yourself. 

A final note from Andrea:


So, what does it all mean for you? And how can you use the results to recognize, guard against, and deal with The Cuckoo Syndrome you encounter in your dating, love, work, and home life? Learn how to protect your unique purpose, “eggs” from being susceptible to cuckoos. 

For the latest research combining science, scripture, and psychology – including Andrea’s personal journey, stories of her clients, and detailed instructions on how to cope with cuckoo dynamics within yourself, your lovers and spouses, your parents, and bosses – pre-order The Cuckoo Syndrome: The Secret to Breaking Free from Unhealthy Relationships, Toxic Thinking, and Self-sabotaging Behavior. Pre-order the book Andrea’s clients call, “a life-changing breakthrough on a universal challenge,” for yourself and the people you care about, today!

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I'm Andrea Anderson Polk


Before we go any further, let me introduce myself... I’m a licensed counselor, author, and speaker-storyteller. I am devoted to helping you uncover hidden relational, psychological, and spiritual truths so you can experience healing in order to live a more authentic and meaningful life. 


I just published my first book: The Cuckoo Syndrome: The Secret to Breaking Free From Unhealthy Relationships, Toxic Thinking, and Self-Sabotaging Behavior which weaves together my story and clinical experience of close attention to my clients with science, scripture, and psychology into practical, easy to understand concepts. 


Today, I teach courageous women how to take their life back and live each day with peace and purpose.

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