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Andrea Publishes Article in Church Growth Magazine on How to Deal with Toxic Relationships

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

I had the privilege of being published in Church Growth Magazine with my article 5 Steps to Dealing With Toxic Relationships: Guarding Your Heart as You Minister to Needs. Below are excerpts from the article:

Man holding Bible leaning against a wall. Andrea Publishes Article in Church Growth Magazine on How to Deal with Toxic Relationships

Wounded people have adopted a learned helplessness attitude and lifestyle. Learned helplessness occurs when a person convinces himself/herself that he/she does not have the ability to change. The person develops a victim mentality.”

“Give yourself the same care, time, and attention you have given to the person you sought to help. There has been too much focus on taking care of the other person while you are suffering. It is not a mutual relationship.”

“Perhaps you feel responsible for this person, and you carry his/her burdens. Feeling responsible for another person is a major signal that you are investing into a toxic relationship. These responsibilities may be financial, spiritual, social, mental, physical, or relational. Beware of the person’s attempt to use you for your kindness and take advantage of your generosity.”

Read the article HERE


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Andrea Anderson Polk is a licensed professional counselor, nationally certified, registered clinical supervisor, and certified professional coach. She has a private practice in Northern Virginia with nearly 20 years of clinical experience helping hundreds of clients on their healing journey.

She is driven by a deep calling to help ambitious women of faith experience healing and breakthrough so they can live each day with peace and purpose. 

Andrea believes healing happens through relationship. The wounds that occur in a relationship must be healed in a relationship. Andrea invites you into a life-altering relationship.

Work with Andrea one-one- by contacting her here.


Andrea has spent her career studying the human experience and has developed a fascinating analogy that compares cuckoo birds, nature’s master manipulator and imposter, to situations and relationships that leave us feeling drained, confused, lost, and empty. Her new book, The Cuckoo Syndrome, helps us fend off the cuckoos, the unhealthy relationships, toxic thinking, and self-sabotaging behaviors in our life that never truly satisfy the deep longings of our souls and the desires of our hearts. 

Andrea’s clinically proven, innovative method helps us recover the lost pieces of ourselves, discover meaning in suffering, and transform our pain into purpose by teaching us to uncover the truth of who we are and who God is so we can be healed and live free. 

Purchase the book Andrea’s clients call “a life-changing breakthrough” for yourself and the people you care about today.

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If you….

Feel internal pressure to do all things well. 

Tend to neglect your needs to please others and search for validation.

Continually attract toxic or one-sided relationships leaving you drained. 

Want to build a life that is unashamedly true to who you are and what you want.


Then…this is the time to reclaim your JOY, ENERGY, AND TIME so you can live each day with peace and purpose!


Curious to know how?

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