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Money Magazine Interviews Andrea on How to Prioritize Mental Health During the Homebuying Process

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Everyone knows that homebuying can be stressful, especially in the current climate. While how-to guides on everything from the mechanics of mortgages to the best listing apps proliferate across the internet, few sources address the mental and emotional toll of the experience.

bundle of 100 dollar bills on a desk with books and miniature house. Article on prioritizing mental health during the homebuying process.

In a recent piece by Money Magazine, “Stressed and Alone: Homebuyers Are Turning to Therapy to Cope With a Wild Housing Market,” Andrea Anderson Polk gives expert advice on how to prioritize your mental health and wellbeing in the stressful homebuying process. Andrea is quoted in this excerpt from the article:

“Monitor your current mindset throughout the day and identify negative thinking patterns by avoiding ‘what if’ statements and imagining worst-case scenarios,” Polk says. “Practice gratitude. Write down three things each day you are grateful for. This will train your mind to look for the good things that are happening in your life and remind you that this, too, shall pass.”

Read the entire article HERE!

Are you anxious and stressed about buying a house or making big life decisions? Or just generally overwhelmed? Book an introductory session with Andrea today! She has helped hundreds of people overcome barriers and cultivate mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness!


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Andrea Anderson Polk is a licensed professional counselor, nationally certified, registered clinical supervisor, and certified professional coach. She has a private practice in Northern Virginia with nearly 20 years of clinical experience helping hundreds of clients on their healing journey.

She is driven by a deep calling to help ambitious women of faith experience healing and breakthrough so they can live each day with peace and purpose. 

Andrea believes healing happens through relationship. The wounds that occur in a relationship must be healed in a relationship. Andrea invites you into a life-altering relationship.

Work with Andrea one-one- by contacting her here.


Andrea has spent her career studying the human experience and has developed a fascinating analogy that compares cuckoo birds, nature’s master manipulator and imposter, to situations and relationships that leave us feeling drained, confused, lost, and empty. Her new book, The Cuckoo Syndrome, helps us fend off the cuckoos, the unhealthy relationships, toxic thinking, and self-sabotaging behaviors in our life that never truly satisfy the deep longings of our souls and the desires of our hearts. 

Andrea’s clinically proven, innovative method helps us recover the lost pieces of ourselves, discover meaning in suffering, and transform our pain into purpose by teaching us to uncover the truth of who we are and who God is so we can be healed and live free. 

Purchase the book Andrea’s clients call “a life-changing breakthrough” for yourself and the people you care about today.

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If you….

Feel internal pressure to do all things well. 

Tend to neglect your needs to please others and search for validation.

Continually attract toxic or one-sided relationships leaving you drained. 

Want to build a life that is unashamedly true to who you are and what you want.


Then…this is the time to reclaim your JOY, ENERGY, AND TIME so you can live each day with peace and purpose!


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